Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just so darn tired.....

Talk about discrimination!  When little kids are tired, they just drop where they are.....they don't care one bit what someone will think.  Of course when you're little....most responses are, "oh, isn't that cute".  Just try falling asleep somewhere out in public when you're all grown up!  You'll get tagged as being an addict of some sort at the least. Nobody will ever think of the word, "cute".  But, I'm getting away from my original thoughts here.

I have been so darn tired lately. I can't remember being this tired in a long time. I just had a checkup with blood work done and I seem to be ok.  Or as ok as an old broad like me can be anyway.  So I guess I will just have to blame it on the weather. It gets blamed for most everything why not me being lethargic too?

I live in an area where temps go to extremes in a very short period of time. We who live here sort of take it as normal "for here".  It can be in the 90's one day and cold enough to turn on the heat the next day. This year seems to really be playing with our patience. We've lost quite a few flowers because it was so warm (hot) early and they popped up out of the ground, only to get smacked down a week later by frost.  If this plays hell on flowers and produce, think what it's doing to OUR systems!  So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  At least until I can find a better scapegoat.

I've been working more hours lately and not getting enough done at home, which makes me constantly feel guilty.....constantly telling myself I should've gotten this done or that done.  I used to take horrible guilt trips when I was younger but now I don't get on those trains anymore. I just take short rides of guilt, then talk myself out of it and grab a book to read......or check listings for any good movies coming up. I once spent a whole weekend in front of my TV watching a NCIS Marathon. Every time I started to feel guilty I smacked myself out of it. I love those shows!!!  Speaking of which....did anyone see the last one?  Looks like they're getting rid of Ducky....the last show left us with him laying on the beach, having had a heart attack, and no one around him to help......while back at home a bomb set off near headquarters where Abby and McGee were wayyyyy too close.  Talk about a cliffhanger!

Well, I just wanted to check in so those few loyal readers (bless your hearts) that I still have won't think I just decided to up and quit.  I once....well, probably more than once.....said that boring wasn't really so bad and actually was preferred to drama.....and I still maintain that position. It's been boring, but that also means peaceful.  Hmmmmm do you suppose that the absence of drama has made me sleepy?  Nah.

Check back.....I'll see what I can dig up for you; the summer is just starting.  In the meantime, keep smilin'.  It makes everyone wonder what you've been up to.


Paxie said...

I thought maybe it was just me with no energy! Sorry it's affecting you too :(

Yes, I believe poor Ducky may be moving on, but there is always hope.
One of my favorite shows!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Val! I was so happy to see a post from you pop up in my reader! I'm sorry you are feeling worn out. I feel that way most days too, like I never have enough energy to accomplish all I'd like. I'm glad that your Doc says you're in good working order. I agree, let's blame it on the darn weather - almost all our days are in the high 90's here already, and the heat just drains my batteries flat. Funny how we lived out in it when we were kids, with no adverse effect other than a bit of sunburn, huh? Ahhh, to have that energy again, or even half of it!

I agree, we could dwell in guilt all the time, but what purpose does it serve? I like the way you refocus on something else, works for me too. I believe we have done and continue to do the best we can each day with what we have. Somedays better than others. You've become a wonderful "silver citizen", and I'm following right behind! I hope we see you more often if your hours drop off a bit. I've missed you so much! HUGS, Josie

lotta joy said...

Drama makes you tired. Your adrenaline has been pumping and you're nearly brain dead from it. I keep TELLING you (maybe one day you'll listen) to ask the doctor for NASCOBAL nose spray. ($300 without insurance or I couldn't afford it. isn't that pathetic?) but it WILL give you ENERGY. It WILL, Val.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I'm thinking Ducky might move on as well. My next thought was how very young we all were when he first broke into the movies. Sigh. I, too, am feeling tired in the hot or changing weather, but I find that if I move around, either through a walk or some yoga, I feel better. I was diagnosed years ago with fibromyalgia, which had me dragging around for months, so I know I have to stay somewhat disciplined. Hard to do when I least feel like it, though.

MerCyn said...

I am also an NCIS fan and now we have to wait months to find out what happened. At which time my over-60 brain will have forgotten what is going on.

Leann said...

Eh, working more hours....I heard that in there. I'm sure that has a part in it. If you are interested in the Emergency C drink mixes they have vitamin b's in them for energy. I tried one of my sisters and darned if it didn't work. Worth a try?

I know the weather in Oregon sure had me feeling the loss of energy. We have the same kind of extremes you do.

I hope you find your energy and good for you for refusing to ride the guilt train!! Enjoy your Sunday and blessed be.

forsythia said...

Well, maybe you're not as tired as you think. If you can sit in front of the TV for a marathon and NOT fall asleep like many a senior, you're doing better than a lot of your peers. Doesn't matter how good the Netflix movie is, or how exciting. My husband soon drifts off, only to wake up a half hour later: "Who's this person?" "Why are the police there?" "Is she really pregnant?" etc etc etc.

Peruby said...

What is this - an epidemic?

You are not going to believe this. I was going to post the very same thing - how tired and drained I feel.

BUT - BUT! You are REALLY not going to believe this. I was going to post the exact same picture you did.

How is that for coincidence?! You must have "googled" exhausted images too.

Feeling it here in Ohio and after reading this post I see that it probably is the heat draining it out of us.

Now, about headaches.....

Golden To Silver Val said...

Paxie - You know I've heard so MANY people complain of being tired lately. Since most of my friends are old like's probably due to being long in the tooth. LOLOLOL

Josie - seems like all of us females have that in common....the old "guilty complex". One thing about getting older is that you start getting an attitude about it....a "what the hell" attitude. LOL

Lotta - I don't remember hearing about this before, but I'm definitely going to ask my doctor about it. My energy packed its bags and left town ages ago...without even so much as a forwarding address.

Blissed - I have strongly suspected that I may have fibromyalgia but have never been officially diagnosed with it. My doctor did, however, refer me to a doctor who specializes in that disorder. I am planning on seeing him and hoping I can do something for this pain, which pain pills help but don't eliminate.

MerCyn - I KNOW!! I hate it when they do that to us. I used to love watching "24" but each episode left you hanging and it was the show that ALWAYS got pre-empted for some special or breaking news event....sometimes going 3 weeks between episodes. It got so I could never remember where it left off and eventually just quit watching it.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Leann - yep I can't seem to refuse making money and I end up suffering for it. I did get some vitamin B, the kind that you put under your tongue ....I really couldn't tell much difference. Thinking about it....I don't know how I found the time and energy to work before I retired.

Forsythia - I don't know if you're familiar with "The Rugrats" cartoons but I often remind myself of the old grandpa on there who falls asleep every time he sits down. Seems like I do that so often. HOWEVER....those NCIS shows did keep me awake....probably because I love them so much.

Peruby - I had to laugh at your comment and all I could think of was "great minds think alike". Seems like everyone...except for kids ....has a lack of energy these days. Makes me wish I could get my hands on some of those diet pills the doc gave me back in the 70's before they took them off the market. Now...those were good....but of course they usually gave you heart palpitations or a score of other problems, which wasn't so good. Thank God I don't have the headaches but my daughter does. She gets migraines and always before a storm. She's a better weather forecaster than what's on TV. lol

Peruby said...

Oh man! I remember those pills. Speed , amphetamines. I could clean house like no other and go out and party all night.

I never ate. I lost a lot of weight. They do cause some irritability after longer use.

Yes, I know they were no good for you but darn - it helped me to keep my weight off.

I miss them, too!

token said...

Little kids and puppies really know when they need a nap.