Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just another annoyance.....

Ok, have I missed something? Did the "Do Not Call" lists expire? In the last couple weeks I have been pestered beyond belief by unwanted phone calls. 95% of them have been from people "conducting a survey", the other 5% were just plain selling something or were political calls.

I thought I would be getting a lot of political calls, but that wasn't the case at all.

Have they found some sort of "loophole" that now lets them bother you by claiming they are conducting surveys? And to add insult to injury......every single one of those calls were made by people who had very thick accents. In other words, they were a nightmare to understand. Aren't these companies paying attention?

I especially loved the one from the guy who sounded like he was calling from a busy cafe (noisy) in Bangladesh. His accent was so bad I could only figure out that it was something to do with my computer. I finally lost patience and said "since I don't know what you're talking about, it would be wise of me to end this good-bye" and I hung up. I had to laugh when I checked the caller ID after I hung up; 1-000-000-0000. No lie, that's honestly what it said. Most of the others just say "out of area" and give you no further info.

No......I can't bring myself to be mean and hateful and slam down the receiver, but I'll admit the thought does cross my mind. They are just trying to do a job, although they are not very good at it and cause more inconvenience and frustration than anything.

When oh WHEN are we ever going to be able to block our numbers from these unwanted calls?

My main thought is.....'does anyone ever actually BUY from these people?'......when you can't even understand what they can you make a legitimate purchase?

One of the calls was about the yellow pages. I stayed with her for a minute or so because I was curious. Her English was horrid but I thought maybe I could manage. When she actually asked me to get up from my comfy chair in the living room to go get my yellow pages.....I knew it was time to end the call and I did. "No, I don't want to do, good-bye". click

When I was in my early twenties, I did telemarketing for about two weeks. It was for college classes through VA and all I had to do was get them the "lead" (someone who shows an interest and gives their contact information) and then someone from their main office would take it from there. I got paid so much for each lead. I can tell you that it definitely was not worth the names I got called or the slammed receivers in my ear, even though I did pretty well getting leads for them. I guess that's why I can't be hateful to telemarketers now......unless they are aggressive. And I have come across a few of those who represented......are you ready for this?....charitable organizations. That's when I figured out my donation was partly going for their pay. Sometimes I'm a little slow. Needless to say, I no longer give to those organizations.

I remember I used to feel guilty about bothering people right at "supper time" but that's when we were told to call, as more people would be home then. I wonder if any of these people I'm getting calls from feel badly that they are disturbing me..............nah.

Anyway.....are any of you getting more of these unwanted calls than usual or has my phone number been put up on a billboard somewhere..........


Betty said...

I have wondered the same thing lately. I get up to half a dozen calls, including hang-ups daily and it's really annoying. I have been on the do not call list since it started, and have updated periodically. I know those people are just trying to make a living, but, I don't feel particularly guilty about hanging up on them any more. I wonder if the do not call list has any effect if the calls are coming from other countries.

Coffeypot said...

I believe the DNC list only works on computer dialed phones. A pole worker dialing directly does not count.

Anonymous said...

Mom has been getting a lot of calls from surveys, too, and some of them are political. We're on the Do Not Call list too, and were wondering if we needed to re-sign up or something.

While I suppose telemarketers do occasionally get a customer, my thinking is, "if I wanted replacement windows/satellite TV/a new roof, etc., I'd be asking around for the best providers, not waiting by the phone for a telemarketer to call." Maybe there are people who don't think about replacement windows till they get a call?

ShirleyAnn said...

I think survey calls got in the loop hole with political. They are not blocked by no call. That is why they say they are not selling anything it is a survey. I never listen, just hang up, but I would be the survey ends in some form of wanting you to buy something. I missed the number to get your cell phone on no call so now I get calls and texts on it. I know you have to call the number from your cell phone.
Myself I do not want surveys or political calls.

Peruby said...

Just a heads up and not to scare you but my Norton Anti Virus gives me a notice each time I visit your site.

It is a warning about a mass injection website from:

(Do not go to that site unless you have updated Anti virus) - my browser reset and Norton spewed messages about the attack.

If I were you, I would run my anti virus program to see if it finds anything suspicious on your computer.

Good luck.

Mrs White said...

LOL....I know exactly how you feel. I've resorted to no longer answering my home phone because the calls never seem to be for me. Then, I noticed I started to get a few calls on my cellphone because I have been using my cellphone as my primary number. So, when those calls to me are costing me money to answer, you can better believe I get pissed.
Just not sure what to do.
Have used the Do Not Call List.
Not working.

Mrs White

Beau's Mom said...

WARNING: When you first say "hello?" and you have to say "Hello?" the second time, that's when the automatic computer dial switches the "live call" to a telemarketer.

1st: NEVER say hello more than once

2nd: The newest thing is to call people and, in a real cheerful voice say "Is JOE there?"

This is so you'll think it's a friend calling.

Beau's Mom said...

*ring* "Hello?"

"Is Joe there?"

"Who's calling?"

"this is Sam from the Wonderful Bra Company."

"Well Sam...when's the last time you saw Joe?"


"Sam, I'm gonna have to ask that you remain on the phone. This is Sgt. Kojac and we've just discovered your friend, if you hang up, we'll have to track this call and an officer WILL pick you up...."

Sorry Val. I just had to do it and it gave me an idea for a post. lol

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I don't think we're getting more calls than a year ago, but I do have to say that when I phased out of work and spent more time at home, I was surprised and annoyed by all the calls. When it's a live caller I just say "No thanks" and hang up. The caller is always still talking.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Thankfully, we don't get many telemarketing calls on our home phone or cell phones. I've often thought that it must be the most depressing self-loathing job in the world, to call with some crappy product offer knowing that you are annoying people and then taking abuse for doing so. I also say "no thank you, I'm not interested" and "Please please put your number on your do not call list". Then I hang up regardless.

Leann said...

I tried to be nice for awhile because I knew they were just doing a job. But now.....I say no thank you at the first breath they take and hang up. If I want a product I'll explore it, not wait for some anonymous phone call to prompt me.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh my gosh Val....I have been feeling the same way about these ridiculous calls. I don't like to be mean to anyone either, but Lord...I'm SOOOO sick of getting a gazillion calls every day. I signed up on the 'Do Not Call' registry too....but honestly, what calls are they blocking from my phone? I really have been wondering about that for a LONG time. I get the same calls you get...and many, many asking for donations. I'm so tired of being asked for money that I've finally asked several to take me off of their list. Funny how that request doesn't seem to get taken processed. I also HATE being bothered right in the middle of the evening hours when I'm trying to just chill and relax. I just hate all of these calls so much that one of these days I'm going to blow like a volcano. I'm tired of being disturbed...just like you; and I actually feel harrassed by all of these calls. Funny, I was going to write a post about this very thing...but yours is great. ~Joy xo

ain't for city gals said...

From what I understand ...once you give your phone number out...say to order something through a catalogue(sp? or online you have just about given up your right to anything...all in the fine print they can do with it what they in sell it to whatever list they want. Have you noticed when you buy something like at Home Depot they ask for your phone number...even if you are paying cash!...All anyone wants is information nowadays and believe me it is not in our best interest. However, I have noticed a decline in these calls and junk mail since the economy has hit the skids...we do have a non-listed number worth it! I have read you are never to say the word "yes" in any conversation like this...they can record it and add it in to anything they want in "Would you like to but this?"...ok...I'm done post. p.s. I feel sorry for them too...I can't imagine doing that job..

ain't for city gals said...

buy this what I meant..

dc said...

What I hate are the ones that sound like they are local from the Sheriff's dept or something similar. I just tell them I don't donate over the phone and if they would like to mail something to me I will look at it. I don't give them my address. I tell them that since they have my phone no. they prob have my address. One guy called from "New York" telling me I had won 2 million dollars. I laughed him off the phone. As I know it is just a racket.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Do you feel like playing a round of "One Question Wednesday" with us? (Check out the post on my blog). Here's a question for you if you do... "Being of the past 50 set and having aquired tremendous wisdom along the way (maybe:),what one piece of advice would you like them to take to heart and pass on to your grandchildren?

AnnM said...

Just happened upon your blog - and I too have wondered about the length of the "do not call" list...I had to re register my number and that helped a bit.. I get way too many calls from Diabetes supply well as other medical stuff...I am especially annoyed when I cannot understand the people calling!!!!

Linda Medrano said...

I get calls from everybody from Barrack Obama on down to the viagra sales people from China and Nepal. Some of them are very difficult to understand and sound like they are in a auto manufacturing plant while hammering a part on while they make the call. Ugh!