Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

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The movie, Halloween, and its many sequels holds some vivid memories for me, but the most vivid is the very first one......Halloween. It was a whole new dimension of "scary" for me.

I had after getting out of work at 5, I threw on a wig to cover my deflated hair-do and hastily prepared myself so we could make the 6 pm showing. I took 3 young children (all under the age of 11) to see this at the theater, thinking it was a "kid's show"....tailored for the younger set. (first mistake of a frenzied working mom and wife) It was a weeknight so it wasn't crowded, in fact there was hardly anyone there at all. My kids and a friend of theirs wanted to sit in the front row....I sat in the middle about half way back in a nearly empty theater. The first scary thing happened within minutes and I had 3 terrified children screaming and frantically climbing over seats to get to me, throwing their arms around my neck and knocking my wig askew. They kept their choke-hold on me through-out the entire movie. I remember after about an hour of being terrified, I kept looking at the lighted clock on the sidewall and hoping the movie would end before I had a heart attack. It was relentless.....just one horrifying scary thing right after another. You just wanted to jump right out of your skin. I must have told my kids a hundred times "It's just a movie" and yet it was scaring me as much as it was them.....I just couldn't let them know it. And of course it had to end without a real ending.....and my 8 year old son kept asking all the way home...."so where did he go, Mom, huh?......where?......he's still out there!"

When we got out of the theater, it was dark and I actually looked under the car before we got in (sneakily of course so the kids wouldn't see me). When I got in the car, I anxiously looked in the rear view mirror and my wig was turned around sideways. Thank goodness my kids were too nervous to notice cause I certainly would have never lived that one down. At least it was a good thing that we had a station wagon at the time so I didn't have them (and me) thinking that someone was in the trunk. And of course it didn't help that our weather was exactly the same as the weather in the movie.....Fall, with lots and lots of crunchy leaves on the ground.....when darkness comes very early.

I'm sure I scarred them for life with that mistake.....not to mention aging myself about 20 years. So every time I hear this haunting theme song, this is the memory that comes to me. Now it brings a smile to my face, but back then, it was truly terrifying.

Heh heh heh.....Happy Halloween everyone!


Coffeypot said...


Jamie said...

LOLOL OMgosh Val,


And a wig.

Now this is a funny post.

Love ya. :)

Linda@VS said...

I loved the original "Halloween." Yes, it was scary, but it was DELICIOUSLY scary. Very entertaining post, Val.

Paxie said...

LOL LOL This made me laugh!!

Great post :)

Beau's Mom said...

Jason....the music...tinka tinka tinka tinka....well, you get the idea.

Isn't it amazing how everyone RUNS from him - he walks, and still gets there before they do.

Maria said...

I took my 5th grader nephew (he is married and a father of his first son) to see The Shining.

He has never let me forget this.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I have never seen a Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street, or Scream movie. I don't like that kind of scary. Plus, my daughter would then come after me with a knife, meat cleavor, whatever they used... for scaring her children.. But the wig thing is hysterical!!

Once when we were on a cruise, I put on a visor before we left our cabin. After waiting a while for my husband, I decided I needed to grab my big sun hat. So as we stood waiting for the elevator, I threw it on my head. (Not remembering I already had on a visor) Along comes another couple, as we are waiting and we chat with them. All the time I am standing there with 2 hats on my head and no one tells me. I finally fugured it out while the other couple was still there and could have shot my husband... who said "I thought you knew." No- that does not let you off the hook!

smocha said...

Hysterical about the wig.

This post reminded me ,when Soul and I were little (and I do mean LITTLE) kids, my mom used to take us to the drive in movies to see horribly scary movies. I'm sure they were pretty LOW budget ,but I do remember them being pretty scary.
Our mom would say "cover your eyes!"
Naturally, I covered them and then looked through my fingers.
Soul was small enough to stand UP on the floor of the front seat ,where she actually chewed up the dashboard.

Thanks for the memories....LOLOLLOL

lgsquirrel said...

My brother sneaked me in to see the Exorcist when I was just 9 years old. I blame him for all my psychosis! :)

Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x

Joy Des Jardins said...

Great post Val...made me laugh. ~Joy

gayle said...

Such a great story! We took my youngest daughter to a movie one time and I about died when a sex scene came on the screen!

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