Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happiness is.....

your hard drive dying..........NOT.

I can't believe it. My computer is not that old either. I can't blame it on any particular manufacturer because I have my systems built for me (clones). I've had very good luck doing it this way....but not this time. My hard drive won't even spin and that's a horrible feeling. My computer guy said something about putting it in the freezer if the bearing will work. Sorry....all Greek to me. He will try to save my data but I'm not optimistic this time.

I have become dependent on the computerized lifestyle.....something I always said I would never do. But I now do all my bills and banking online except for a couple who do not participate in online billing. I do back up my system but I've been having problems since June and that's the last time I backed it up. Of course its better than no backup at all....if it actually does work and its not corrupted or something. The troubles I was having with it was not with the hard drive, it was with my internet connection.....which turned out to be my router. My computer guy has car trouble so he can't come and pick it up until this coming Saturday. Right now is the time of the month that I schedule my bills. Thank goodness I did some of them before the frying of the hard drive took place.

So I ordered a laptop. I have to be able to get to the Internet. I guess it will be here in about a week....about the same time my old one goes out the door for repair. I have never used a laptop and something tells me that I'm in for quite an adventure. I searched online for hours and hours looking at different brands with oh-so-many different features. I settled on a Toshiba 17" screen because the reviews on it were awesome and the price was lower than most of the others.

I have a very old computer that the kids use when they are here and that's what I'm using now. Amazing how its still hanging in there........oops....did I say that outloud? Well, its true.....it just seems like the newer things are not built to hold up near as long as the older stuff. Its part of an evil plot to keep us buying new computers once we're addicted and dependent. Well, wish me luck that this old one holds up. It doesn't recognize the keyboard half the time and using the on-screen keyboard is a real pain in the patootie....trust me.

Anyone have any good advice on things I should know using a laptop.....or notebook I guess its called. I'm hoping it will last me for a while....and yes, I did buy insurance on it.


Peruby said...

I have heard great things about Toshiba laptops. Sounds like you made a wise choice.

I would connect a mouse to it. It would probably have to be a USB mouse as I don't think they make laptops with a PS/2 connection any more. (But you never know).

I can't stand the touchpads or the little button between the G and H keys.

Good luck and I think you will adapt just fine. The Fn key (function key) is a little weird, and hopefully you won't even need to use it.

I've never used a laptop cooling pad with any that I have used, but you may find it necessary. Sometimes they get hot on the bottom. Me? I just sat the back of the laptop up on a notebook to get better air flow underneath.

I think they are made for small drops and bumps, but read the manual to make sure. Some can be dropped a fair distance (usually while closed).

Peruby said...

Me again. Looking at pics of Toshibas online, I don't see the little button anymore between the G and H. Looks like NOBODY liked that idea.

Did you get a wireless device in the laptop? If so, you might have a little bit of a learning curve if your desktop was not wireless.

If your router is wireless you can connect that way. If not, almost all laptops come with the regular Ethernet (made for the cable) connection.

Jamie said...

Computer probs are the worst, and you have had way more than your share. I have too, and have decided that computers are now made to be throw-aways. They don't last...so when I buy, I buy pretty cheaply so that I can replace in a couple of years. The old tried and true desktop is even dying, but that is because of age --- more than 12 years now! My laptop, which I have had for about three years has crashed three times and had parts fail, hardware parts, twice. I keep repairing but will soon get a new one. Ugh. I feel for you.

Big hugs, friend. xo :)

Leann said...

All I can say is I love my laptop. It's a Dell 17". I've had it for five years now and it's still going strong. I'm handing mine over to the geek squad on Friday to clean it up and get it running more efficiently. I'm sure I need more memory and for it to be backed up because that's happened, like never.

Enjoy the new toy!!

Oh, the computerized lifestyle...I'm right there with ya.

glnroz said...

good choice in my opinion. I have two Toshiba laptops, a Toshiba Netbook(little thing) and a Compaq notebook.. The Toshibas have been tough as nails. The only reason I have them is because one of us has upgraded at various times and ya cant just throw em away.. lol. the grandkids will play on them.. lol

Joy Des Jardins said...

Computer woes...I'm sending you big hugs Val. You know only too well how I dread something going wrong with my computer...PANIC time. My hard drive hasn't been fried, but I've gotten a couple of virus's that tried to kill it...and me. I've never really worked on a laptop outside of a little on a friend's and my daughter's. I've heard pretty good things about Toshiba....I think that's what my daughter has; but don't hold me to it. With as much as she lives on her computer for BlogHer and EVERYTHING else, I think it's serving her very well. Although all of her time right now is being spent on her baby girl.

I will say one thing, once you've been use to a desk model PC and the keyboard, it's a little hard getting use to the keys of a laptop...they're very touchy sometimes; but it's all a matter of getting use to...just like anything else. Good luck with everything sweetie... ~Joy

dana said...

As you know sweetie, I have to tell myself that I'm not BUYING a computer, merely leasing it for ONE YEAR because, so far, that's as long as mine have lasted for the past 7 years.

ain't for city gals said...

Hey Val..I love my new laptop..I hope it lasts as long as my OLD desktop..6 years. I bought one of those LOGTECH wireless mouse..I can't stand to use that little square thing..too sensitive. They are only about $25 buck and you basically just plug in the little thingy into the USB port and you are good to go. you will probably have to get a new printer also...one that hooks up to wireless...good luck!

Maria said...

I am very computer illiterate. Bing takes care of ours. This is the way it works with our cars too. When she is out of town, I feel so helpless. I should learn more, I guess.

All I can tell you is that Bing swears that the only decent computer is a Mac.

Shari Sunday said...

I can only offer sympathy. Like you, I have become totally dependent on the internet to pay bills, plan budgets, keep in touch with friends, share pictures, get the news, settle family disputes and various other purposes. Good Luck with your computer.