Sunday, December 20, 2009

An award......

Lee, over at Hormones, Headaches and Hot Flashes, is a regular hoot. She has the ability to take a time period of about 10 years in a woman's life that is filled with all sorts of craziness and joke about it. We women can all identify with it and most men can too since they have to live with us.

I'm honored to have been one of many of her readers to be given her award and also to extend an invite to anyone that wants a chuckle or two to go read her blog. She's taking a little rest until after the beginning of the year to handle family stuff and we all know that real life trumps blog make it a point to visit her then.

And, thank you Lee, for remembering me.


Coffeypot said...

I remember a simpler time,too, when we bought our starter house. The hood now isn't the same.

SOUL: said...

that's just CUTE!